Return-to-Work Program

The primary goal of Riverside County’s Return-to-Work (RTW) Program is to return eligible employees to the County workforce at the earliest medically allowable date and in accordance with their medical treatment plan. The RTW Program promotes rehabilitation and enhances the recovery process of employees experiencing an illness/injury, while maximizing productivity and controlling related expenditures. This is accomplished through a partnership which includes the affected employee, medical providers, and a multi-disciplinary team of key personnel working together toward the common goal of expediting the employee’s return to physical and psychological well-being.

Why Return to Work?

Research shows that returning an employee to work as soon as medically possible is beneficial for the employee both physically and psychologically. It is also essential in properly managing workers’ compensation and disability claims. Additionally, the department benefits by reducing lost workdays while utilizing a skilled and valuable employee. Understanding these issues, Human Resources has developed an award-winning Return-to-Work Program. This program is designed to raise the awareness of County managers, supervisors, and staff regarding the need to provide transitional duty to injured and/or disabled employees as well as the benefits of a Return-to-Work program for all involved.

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