Medical Provider Network

The County of Riverside has a state-approved Medical Provider Network [MPN]. This Network is your exclusive source of medical treatment for industrial injuries or illnesses. The County of Riverside has contracted with an outside service to Administer this Network. This Network is available through this website and offers a search engine to find a medical provider/specialist for your injury. You can change providers, but you do need to use only those providers in the network and notify your claims adjuster of the change.

To acces the Network, click on this link: (Click here for Site Instructions) 

The need for medical care is controlled by the State of California's Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule to insure that you have access to those treatment programs that provide the maximum potential for full recovery.



FIND A MEDICAL PROVIDER from the CorVel Medical Provider Network - Including the Kaiser Occupational Clinics in Riverside and Fontana. When you click the link you will be taken to a Medical Provider Network search page. Type in the name of the provider or choose a specialty option and 'click' find providers. You can also adjust the range of the search by utilizing 'within miles' tool.